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As part of recent efforts to make sure the site map, official journals list, etc, are all up-to-date, we noticed that this community ([site community profile] dw_lounge) was listed on both the site map and the official journals list as a place where things relevant to the userbase might be posted occasionally. We'd originally intended to use it as such, but as we developed our processes in the early days of Dreamwidth, we realized that it was better used as an internal discussion community for staff and volunteer project leaders to coordinate together.

However! We forgot to update the description of the community, take it off the site map, and take it out of the official-communities list. Which means some people have subscribed to it, expecting there to be Relevant and Interesting Stuff in it at some point.

We're doing that now, but this post is just to let those of you who are watching the community know that there won't be any Relevant and Interesting Stuff posted publicly here. :) (The more-relevant community, for anyone interested in DW volunteering, is probably [site community profile] dw_volunteers.)


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